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Testimonials, reviews

Testimonials, reviews and other feedback are very important to us. They help us improve our service and give prospective customers deeper insight into how we work and what we can achieve.

Edwardian style in-frame bespoke kitchen near Solihull by Celtica Kitchens, on testimonials page

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If we’ve done work for you we’d be ever so grateful for your comments in whatever form you feel comfortable with, short or long. Some people may find it convenient to rate us and post a few words on our Facebook page. Or you might like to send something longer and more in-depth by email. You can also leave comments on this page. You might mention us on chat forums like Mumsnet. Whatever channel you submit feedback through, we’re absolutely delighted.

Mrs Barnes, Surrey

I absolutely love my new kitchen and I couldn’t be happier with Celtica Kitchens.

Cameron and the Celtica team designed, built, painted and fitted my kitchen in a stone barn conversion in West Wales (they are based in Wales but are prepared to travel).

The entire process, from start to finish was both enjoyable and satisfying. Cameron was creative, flexible, accommodating and understanding. His communication was excellent. His service second to none. I found his can-do attitude wonderful to work with. He was open to my own ideas, incorporating them where appropriate and gently steering me away from them when not so!
He personally fitted the kitchen together with Bruce Runton (joiner extraordinaire) with incredible precision and care. The time he put into the detail was phenomenal.
If you are looking for a beautiful, solid, handmade, hand-painted, bespoke kitchen without the London price tag, look no further than Celtica Kitchens.

Mrs B, Maidenhead

I am absolutely delighted with the kitchen Cameron and Bruce designed and installed for me. They visited my home and listened carefully to my requirements. Then they went away and designed what I can only describe as a perfect kitchen for my family. They thought of everything. I was particularly impressed by the attention to detail. As experts in this area they knew far better than me what it takes to put together a design for a smooth working kitchen which flows and is also very pleasing on the eye. After I began using the kitchen I quickly discovered how many ideas they had incorporated which make my daily life so much easier when I am going about my kitchen duties.

Aesthetically the kitchen is absolutely delightful. All my friends admire it as soon as they walk in the room. Comments like, “This is exactly the kitchen I want”, are common. The friend who said that followed up by asking them to design and install her kitchen too!

Nothing was too much trouble for Cameron and Bruce and they were a pleasure to have around the house. Every obstacle my kitchen threw up (like an ugly fuse box in the wrong place) was tackled optimistically without complaint and resulted in some very stylish and creative work to hide such items. They were happy to advise on floor coverings and wall colours in order to bring everything together into complete harmony.

The quality of their work is excellent. They are true craftsmen. I would – and do – highly recommend them.

Mrs G, Aberdare

Dear Cameron,
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your hard work; I know that our kitchen was not the easiest to install. At the beginning of the project you took the time to assess our needs, advised us on colour etc. and designed a kitchen that made maximum use of the space available. The attention to detail and pride in your work ensured that we ended up with the best kitchen possible.

Gillian and Jeffrey N, Swindon

It has been a while, but you have not been forgotten as we have this lovely kitchen that reminds us of you everyday :-).
Almost a year after installation of our kitchen, we are still very pleased with the design and the quality. Many of our visitors admire our kitchen: the high cupboards, the matt worktop, the rounded edges of the cupboards and even the tap gets compliments.

Even though we slightly went over our initial budget, we believe that it was worth every penny. The end result is fabulous. We really appreciated the fact that you took our ideas and wishes and tried to find the material and create a design that matched. Also the fact that you scanned the market for us to find solutions which would fit our budget but not lose out on style. The granite worktop is the! great example. We got exactly what we wanted for a better price and quality.

It did take a little while before the kitchen was fully designed, built, fitted and ready for use, that is from the moment the pencil hit the paper to the last finishing touches, but we know that that is what it takes to have a custom made kitchen. In the end we have our own special kitchen with the features we liked and wanted and no “off the shelf” kitchen can compete with it.

On a scale from 1 to 10, I would rate the work you guys have delivered with a 9. (10 is for the golden kitchen with the diamond worktop and the platinum tap ;-)) Kind regards and thank you so much for this beautiful piece of art you built for us.

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