In-frame Edwardian Kitchen near Solihull

Bespoke kitchen with overmantel and island near Solihull by Celtica Kitchens
This kitchen is set in a new rear extension to a 1930s house in a quiet suburb. One of the customers is an interior designer and her father is a builder. All in all it’s been a whole family project with immense care and attention to detail.
Kitchen island cabinetry by Celtica Kitchens with framed end panel, towel rail, knee-space with stools
The floor is vinyl (Vusta) – very practical and hardwearing. We like the way the accent strips track neatly around the island and the breakfront formed by the range and the drawer cabinets.
It may not be fully apparent from these photos – the worktop, creamy white with accents of crushed berries, is gorgeous to the point of being edible.
bespoke kitchen with overmantel, pan drawers, range cooker near Solihull by Celtica Kitchens
The overmantel with its substantial span (the customers’ idea – nearly three metres wide!)- is undoubtedly the centrepiece of this kitchen. To make it even more imposing the range cooker and the adjacent cabinets are brought forward in a breakfront. This leaves a gap between the back of the cooker and the wall which has been filled with a granite ledge. This looks great and helps to keep the countertops free of clutter.
bookshelf in birch ply with oak edging by Celtica Kitchens
One of the things true made-to-measure bespoke kitchen furniture can do is disguise awkward features of the room. The left hand mantelside cupboard masks a brick pier which supports an RSJ – essential to the structure of the extension. Underneath there was just enough depth to fit a useful bookshelf.

The builder (customer’s father), helped by daughter and son-in-law, did an excellent job of fitting the kitchen. Here’s their neat solution to an inconvenient gap – a wine rack with integral calendar.

The two tall cabinets house separate integrated fridge and freezer.

customer built winerack next to integrated separate fridge and freezer in tall cabinets by Celtica Kitchens
He also built the framework for the extra large overmantel. The pre-installation picture below also shows the brick pier which is disguised by the cabinetry.
framework for kitchen overmantel built by customer