Birch Multi-ply

This is a piece of birch multi-ply.

Birch multi-ply is so important to us that we’ve given it a page all to itself.

It’s 18mm thick and we use it as the main structural material for cabinet bodies (we use 6.5mm thick ply for cabinet backs and drawer bottoms).

It is designated ‘WBP’. That means water proof and boil proof. It is immensely strong and dependably stable. You can leave it in the garden for months – it will pick up a bit of surface weathering but its strength will be largely unaffected.

The pale but warm birch grain on the board face is ideal for cupboard interiors. We think the ply edge is very attractive as well but, if you want, you can have exposed shelf edges lipped with solid oak.

Birch multi-ply is not cheap but its strength and durability make it an extremely cost effective material in the long term.

It does beg the question – why would you ever buy a chipboard kitchen?