Bespoke Features

Bespoke features are the essence of a bespoke kitchen service. The Celtica team works with you to turn imagination into reality.

Open shelf wall cabinet

Celtica Double Density Shelf

with oak edged shelves and half depth vertical dividers. Structured clutter is beautiful.

Celtica double density open shelves in the workshop

Plate rack

Left from Cameron’s and Jean’s house. Note the position – over the sink – which means you can wash a plate, stick it in the rack and it will drip into the sink (the plate rack is open at the bottom). Yes, we do have a dishwasher for large loads of washing up.

Right – a different sort of plate rack – with the plates turned forwards for display.


The Walk-in Larder

was a feature of our parents’ or grandparents’ kitchens – sadly lacking from the contemporary kitchen. The walk-in corner cupboard offers the same convenience: loads of storage, a hiding place for small appliances; possibly a worktop concealed from the rest of the kitchen for proving dough.

cupboard for toaster, microwave, kettle by Celtica Kitchens

Shove Space

Here’s a way of containing the clutter of tea and coffee things. Pull the bifold doors across and they’re gone. This is a good way of utilising an awkward corner when a row of tall cupboards intercepts a row of base cabinets.

In a more contemporary setting you might have a tambour door.

cupboard for small appliances opens directly onto worktop, by Celtica Kitchens

The Overmantel

is an ideal way to conceal an extractor and provide a focus for the room. It’s also an opportunity to make an individual statement. Here, the square panelling and simple quadrant brackets denote a modern classic at ease with its Edwardian townhouse setting.



For the Kitchen / Office

we can design cupboards, dressers and sideboards with pigeon holes, bookshelves and file storage.