However traditional your kitchen, it can still benefit from practical modern accessories.  Recycling is an essential activity in the contemporary kitchen and this needs to be considered in the overall planning. There are many excellent recycling bins and other products to help you.

CIMG0944 CIMG0945

Pop up power supplies

are neat and practical. They can help provide more outlets without disrupting tiling. Usually these have USB as well as 13amp sockets so you can charge mobiles etc..

Tambour door

instantly screens off things like kettle, toaster – things that tend to be used on the worktop. Storage for cups and jars above. Excellent for people who loathe clutter but haven’t got a lot of time for tidying up.


Wicker baskets

with beech frames and runners

Plate rack

from Cameron’s and Jean’s house. Note the position – over the sink – which means you can wash a plate, stick it in the rack and it will drip into the sink (the plate rack is open at the bottom). Yes, we do have a dishwasher for large loads of washing up.


Far right – a different sort of plate rack – with the plates turned forwards for display.

 CIMG1230 CIMG0056

Spice rack

– solid oak with aluminium rails. Various sizes and formats made to measure.