Celtica Kitchens: ethos, environment, sustainability

Duck Egg Blue Solid Slab Small Kitchen, copyright Celtica Kitchens 2014

Duck Egg Blue Solid Slab Small Kitchen, copyright Celtica Kitchens 2014

Celtica Kitchens opposes the ‘throwaway’ culture of the kitchen industry

Enormous quantities of kitchen furniture go to landfill every year. Constant kitchen replacement uses resources on a massive scale with emissions from manufacture, installation, and the use of emissive materials.

We believe that by installing durable and restorable kitchens at a reasonable price we can begin to address these problems; that longlife installations benefit the customer and protect the environment.

Fit one kitchen once…

We acknowledge that all manufacturing activity has an environmental cost. We think our best response to the environmental situation is to limit future activity by building to last now.

We use tried and tested construction methods, the best materials – ; we work hard to get the design right.

Wood is a naturally renewable material and a key resource for sustainable construction. We use wood and plywood (our main materials) from responsibly managed sources.

We don’t do hard sell

None of us are salespeople. We provide excellent products and excellent service. Advertising is minimal. We maintain a web presence that helps people find us. Happy customers tell other people about us.

We design, build and install durable, workable, individual kitchens that respect the environment and are affordable