Celtica Charter

Personal Statement from the Principal

We work according to a charter which applies to everyone working for Celtica  – see below.

We are totally opposed to ‘hard sell’ practices; we have always been able to win orders by demonstrating quality of product and excellence of service.

I hope you will become one of the many customers who are happy to give us their personal recommendation.

Philip Troakes


 Full height Double Shaker Style Cupboard for Office or Kitchen, copyright Celtica Kitchens 2015
 Full height Double Shaker Style Cupboard for Office or Kitchen full of uselful shelves and compartments copyright Celtica Kitchens 2015

The Celtica Kitchens / Celtica Heritage Charter

We understand that your time is valuable and will never outstay our welcome. All visits will be by prior arrangement.

Celtica staff and associates are polite, helpful, friendly and truthful at all times.

Celtica does not engage in any underhand or coercive sales tactics. We do not ‘cold call’. Prices given are genuine and never inflated to give headroom for ‘drop closing’.

We expect to win orders as a result of customer satisfaction with the merits of the design (including price), excellence of service and no other reason. We are totally opposed to ‘hard sell’.

We associate only with the best installers, vetted by references taken from customers and inspection of previous completed projects. Installers are punctual, polite, work as cleanly as possible and tidy the workspace at the end of each day.

Installers will organise their work to ensure the least possible disruption to the customer.