Painted Shaker kitchen | two tone kitchen | North London

two tone painted shaker kitchen: in-frame kitchen cabinets, L shape island

Painted Shaker Kitchen

You can’t go wrong with a painted Shaker kitchen. Yes, the starting point is the plain flat framed, flat panel door. Beyond that, you’re setting out into a universe of possibilities.

The kitchen was built with a restricted budget in a restricted space. The customer approached us having seen our kitchens at three different friends’ houses. We costed up the customer’s design, the figures worked out OK and we booked the survey.
Can you design your kitchen yourself? Yes, you can. The customer is always the best designer – see Celtica Co-operative). But we recommend you buy our Survey and Working Drawings package. Not only is the design checked against the real-life physical environment but you also get the opportunity to revise and re-design working with an experienced Celtica designer (or two in this case). Just before the survey customer emailed us to say she’d thought of a different arrangement for the back corner. It involved reconfiguring a new stud partition which was an excellent idea. So, no problem at all, Bruce and Cameron (that’s me) attended the survey and met with the builder and the customer. We were there a good two or three hours measuring up, working out the revised design and discussing a critical stud partition with the builder.
painted shaker kitchen in North London with L shape island
Back in the office I created the Working Drawings. The customer could now see the whole design in 3D. Although there were still a couple more revisions we soon had a final set of drawings to send to the workshop. The Survey and Working Drawings package had proved excellent value.

Two Tone

A lot of two tone schemes feature a dark accented centrepiece. We think the customer’s choice of lighter colours is spot on – the plain white and denim blue give character, light and air.

two tone painted shaker kitchen, framed cabinets, L shape island with hob, open shelves

Shaker Kitchen Options

There’s no end to what you can do with the Shaker formula – it covers a whole range of themes from country cottage to urban sophistication. Change just one or two things:- fit different handles or knobs, have some glass, possibly frosted glass (why not stained glass?) and you have an entirely transformed your kitchen.

open shelf wall cabinet in painted shaker kitchen, quartz worktop, undermount sink, drainer grooves
adapted stair cupboard in painted shaker kitchen
adapted stair cupboard in painted shaker kitchen, shown closed

Upcycling original features

This is the original under stair cupboard. The interior was looking a bit dismal so Bruce lined it with birch ply and fitted the specially shaped shelves. The fuseboxes are tucked neatly out of the way and recycling is kept in the lower half. Outside, we’ve made a new door and framed panelling that flows seamlessly into the new kitchen.